Caroline Ward, owner of SpottyFroggy baby clothes

When I was expecting my daughter, Suzie, I heaved my pregnant weight around every high street shop I could think of in order to buy her a unique ‘first wardrobe’ of clothing.

What I discovered at every turn was a sea of beige, lemon, pastel pink and baby blue. This was not what I had in mind for my playful new pup! I wanted to see her in bright colours and energetic designs. Surely not everyone wants to clothe their kids in an endless repeat of muted colours and fluffy pictorials?

Spotty Froggy was born out of an irrepressible urge to escape this mediocrity. Something that reflected a playful personality, an element of mischief, and the eons of love we feel when we snuggle our babies close to us.

The Froggy philosophy is simple. Individuality rules!

Caroline x

Our Designs and Techniques

Froggy and I work very hard on creating garments with character. Vivid, playful colours are the order of the day. Our creations are completely exclusive.  We design and print each garment individually. I do most of the printing, as Froggy’s webbed feet are not the best shape for printing activities.

We use organic, fairly traded, top quality cotton. Our dyes and printing techniques are Neenah Certified ( This means that they are safe for children and the environment, being recycled, free from chlorine, and carbon neutral.

Why Spotty Froggy?

The ethos behind our name stems from the bright, jarring colours adorning the cute tree frogs seen in the rain forests of Costa Rica. Tree frogs may be tiny, but they have serious personality. The red eyed variety in particular. With neon green skin, orange toes, and pillar box red eyeballs, he’s rocking just about every one of my favourite colours.

Why the crazy red eyes? Some believe that the purpose of this is to startle his predators if he’s discovered sleeping during the day. When disturbed, tree froggy quickly pops his peepers open and temporarily astounds his prey with the intense colour of his eyes. This buys him enough time to leap into the trees and out of harm’s way.

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